Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance

AAIS Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance continuously monitors the regulatory environment for changes in the evolving P&C marketplace

For companies looking for speedy, reliable action on legislative, judicial, or regulatory changes that affect their products and services, look to AAIS. Our Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance professionals continuously monitor the regulatory environment for changes in the evolving property and casualty insurance marketplace, delivering timely updates to our Members to keep them apprised of industry developments. This vigilance also helps ensure AAIS products remain compliant in various, respective jurisdictions.

AAIS Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance (GLC) services include:

  • Government relations through engagement with state regulators, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), trade associations, and other stakeholders within the insurance industry.
  • Contributions to policymaking decisions that help shape regulations across the country.
  • Consultative reviews of programs for compliance and filing support for custom proprietary programs.
  • Continuous monitoring of legislation, regulations, state insurance department activity, and court decisions, notifying Members of any necessary compliance updates or required company action.
  • Expedited development of compliance filings to allow companies to adopt solutions immediately upon regulatory approval.
  • Delivery of our compliance solutions with clear, concise instructions on impact to products.

Modern Regulatory Reporting

Satisfying regulator requests for information can be an expensive for insurance carriers. Policy filings and statistical reporting are time-consuming, and third-party data security can put your information at risk to bad actors. All Access Membership with AAIS includes regulatory reporting services using the openIDL blockchain platform with optimal data security and mining capabilities. AAIS machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities are powered by Kira, enabling Members to conduct rapid side-by-side forms comparisons tapping our ever-expanding Clause Library.


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Lori Dreaver-Munn
Director - Compliance & Government Relations

Lori is the Director of Government Relations at the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) with over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. She specializes in summarizing state regulatory requirements; managing rate, rule, loss costs and underwriting manuals; and competitive and other product research, and analyses. She is a key member on two initiatives within AAIS to modernize regulatory reporting including using artificial intelligence to improve compliance filings and openIDL, an open blockchain network that streamlines regulatory reporting and provides new insights for insurers, while enhancing timeliness, accuracy, and value for regulators. She is a Member of the Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals (AICP), having served as president, regional director, and treasurer of the AICP’s Western Chapter, and has been a contributing writer for the AICP journal and blog. She is a graduate of Arizona State University.

Nicole Milos
Director - Legal

Nicole Milos has extensive litigation experience, with most of her practice focusing on insurance law and compliance. Prior to coming to AAIS, Nicole was a partner with the Chicago law firm, Cremer, Spina, Shaughnessy, Jansen + Siegert. Nicole served as a member of the AAIS COVID-19 Task Force, the President of the Advisory Counsel for the Pro Bono Network, past President of the Illinois Defense Counsel and as a member of DRI. She earned her BA from Saint Mary’s College, as well as JD, and LL.M. in Information Technology and Privacy Law from John Marshall Law School.

Chris Aufenthie
Manager Compliance and Filings

Chris Aufenthie is an accomplished professional in the field of insurance compliance and regulatory affairs. With a bachelor’s degree in economics from St. John's University, Chris has dedicated over 15 years to the insurance industry, garnering expertise in compliance management and technology integration within the Property and Casualty sector. Currently serving as the Manager of Filings and Compliance at AAIS, Chris oversees and ensures adherence to regulatory standards, leveraging a wealth of experience gained from both corporate and regulatory perspectives. Prior to joining AAIS, Chris served as a respected regulator in North Dakota, where he gained invaluable insights into the intricate workings of insurance compliance. Chris's passion lies in navigating the dynamic landscape of insurance regulations, utilizing his specialized knowledge to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency. His extensive experience, coupled with a keen understanding of emerging technologies, enables him to effectively navigate complex compliance challenges while driving innovation within the industry.


AAIS Machine Learning

To solve the “data problem” in regulatory reporting, AAIS has developed an innovative approach for clause filing reviews that utilizes patented machine-learning software, developed by Kira, which takes a lengthy, manual process and expedites it. AAIS leverages this emerging technology to identify and extract clause-level data from our library of advisory property and casualty forms. In turn, automated side-by-side comparisons of forms create efficiencies in product development, coverage analyses, and forms filings. 

  • AAIS uses Kira to compare common insurance agreements and make recommendations to Members carriers on how those forms compare to industry standards.
  • Alongside Kira, AAIS uses Alfresco, a content management platform that was configured by TSG's Open Content Management Suite.
  • AAIS has “trained” Kira on 713 custom provisions for the P&C insurance industry using Quick Study.
  • AAIS imports forms on a weekly basis, maintaining a library of previously approved language.
  • As new legislation is passed, AAIS leverages the clause library to identify impacted forms and initiate change management.
  • AAIS can upload insurance carrier coverage forms and compare it to corresponding AAIS and industry offerings.


Regulatory demands for data are growing, while the volume of data insurers must sort through to comply is expanding exponentially. As a result, the essential insurer-regulator transaction continues to become more time-consuming, expensive, and less effective. But it doesn’t need to be. openIDL is here.

openIDL, an open source, distributed ledger platform, infuses efficiency, transparency, and security into regulatory reporting: With openIDL, insurers fulfill requirements while retaining the privacy of their data. Regulators have the transparency and insights they need when they need them.

Initially developed by AAIS, expressly for our Members, openIDL is now being further advanced by the Linux Foundation as an open-source ecosystem for the entire insurance industry.