Unwavering Commitment to Service

AAIS solutions are supported by a modern infrastructure, advanced technologies and a team of experienced and dedicated professionals committed to delivering superior service…a hallmark of the AAIS approach.

Government Affairs, Legal & Compliance (GLC)
All AAIS programs are supported by a team of lawyers, government affairs and product compliance specialists dedicated to monitoring laws and regulations on forms and rates. Members gain confidence knowing AAIS forms and manuals are kept up-to-date and fully compliant with the latest laws and regulations.

Actuarial Advice and Counsel
AAIS programs are fueled by our accredited actuarial specialists with the data, expertise, and tools to deliver credible, refined rating information. The AAIS actuarial team also provides valuable counsel to Members actuarial operation, particularly when considering new markets or exploring new rating variables.

Statistical Reporting Services
For decades, AAIS has been a licensed statistical agent in 51 jurisdictions, for all P&C lines, collecting data that helps Members meet regulatory statistical reporting responsibilities.  Transaction data also supports loss cost development and ratemaking activities. AAIS’s role as a stat agent benefits Members…and the industry as a whole.  Our AAIS Statistical Data Management Application (SDMA) makes uploading and editing data more efficient and effective. AAIS statistical reporting services are included in Association Membership agreements and earn Members Preferred Pricing on their AAIS program affiliations (forms, manual rules, and rating information).

For more information on the AAIS commitment to quality Member-focused service, contact an AAIS advisor.


Michael Payne, FCAS, MAAA
Chief Pricing Actuary

Theresa Wahoff, FCAS, MAAA
Director, Actuarial Product Development

Jenny Tornquist, FCAS, MAAA
Director, Actuarial Data & Reporting